Friday, May 15, 2015

A Random Question ..."An Ideal Image" vs "Reality"

There is someone who is aware of every step of mine and can read my eyes to articulate the same which lies inside .

Sometimes people try to beat the bush around but there is a gift of god thats called Sense,
it's directly connected to soul which hits the bullz eye all the time.

its good that people try to protect the ideal image but in meanwhile you commit so many mistakes and planned act which makes your real image.
you may live in  a sense that you are in ideal image but Reality is always exposed.

If anyone who knows "your Ideal Image" which is your perception and a "Real Image" which is everyone else's perception are always a perception .(Loaded na ...bhawnao ko samjho :) )

people are trapped in the world of perception and then they Act  and say see this is my image which was  never REAL.

You are best person to judge yourself.  a thug,thief etc always know what they are but they show themselves  differently .

You may try to fool around but truth is always inside your heart. Life is eco . if you cheat someone then you will be cheated badly yet again you will pretend you are fine but actually  a failure ...A Real Image :P

May be truths hurts but come on the track reduce the gap between ideal ,actual and self image.

i am person who practises what i preach and Learn.

A friend of mine said the he danced on her every beats but she  ran away when he asked her to dance with him.
what i am trying to expose ,when  a girl or boy make you to dance on his/her tone and then refuse to accept the truth in public is a piece of Shit.

dont feel bad if you are the part of same Shit.

life is small and beautiful . take a break. stop hating people and love them if they love you.
it doesn't mean he/she wants to sleep with you. there is nothing bad in a hug or a kiss on forehead with love.

if you love then express and make sure they respect it if not kick the "THE FAKE IMAGE of the person"

they don't deserve your pios love and care. rather divert it on a children who cries in hunger.
help them because you are suffering in "pain of loving a senseless person who is exposed but lives in Fake-Ideal-Image" and the child is suffering from hunger. take his hands and help him/her

visit  the temple and talk to god .
request them to punish the guilt because be a Human Not God. :)

A message from a friend of mine:

" I loved you X but you tried to get the LOVE of ABCDEF. I felt bad am suppressing myself but you will be punished because you knew that i am weak . i told you i dont want ABCDEF but you didnt listen, in this kaliyuga with a painful heart i curse you . you  will bear the same CONSEQUENCES  which your REAL IMAGE deserves ".
My love is there in the curse as well. get back to me and i will make a clause in curse
Clause (1A): not applicable if you become part of X's life.
:) :)

i told to my friend :

Amen Amen Amen. Om shanti shanti shanti.....:)

be in real image be the ideal to that real image and dont be confuse in this image of image in this imaginary world :P:P:P

Signing off with a vague content :P

Saket Pandey

Thursday, March 5, 2015


List of Maharatna[edit]

  1. Coal India Limited [4]
  2. Indian Oil Corporation [5]
  3. NTPC Limited [6]
  4. Steel Authority of India limited
  5. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited[7]
  6. GAIL (India) Limited[7]
  7. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

List of Navratna

  1. Engineers India Limited
  2. Bharat Electronics Limited
  3. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
  4. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
  5. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
  6. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
  7. National Aluminium Company Limited
  8. National Mineral Development Corporation Limited
  9. Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited
  10. Oil India Limited
  11. Power Finance Corporation Limited
  12. Container Corporation of India Limited
  13. National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited
  14. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
  15. Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited
  16. Rural Electrification Corporation Limited
  17. Shipping Corporation of India Limited

List of Miniratna-I

  1. Airports Authority of India
  2. Antrix Corporation
  3. Balmer Lawrie & Co. Limited
  4. Bharat Coking Coal Limited[8]
  5. Bharat Dynamics Limited
  6. BEML Limited
  7. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
  8. Bridge & Roof Company (India) Limited
  9. Central Warehousing Corporation
  10. Central Coalfields Limited
  11. Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited
  12. Cochin Shipyard Limited
  13. Dredging Corporation of India Limited
  14. Kamarajar Port Limited
  15. Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited
  16. Goa Shipyard Limited
  17. Hindustan Copper Limited
  18. HLL Lifecare Limited
  19. Hindustan Newsprint Limited
  20. Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited
  21. Housing & Urban Development Corporation Limited
  22. India Tourism Development Corporation Limited
  23. Indian Rare Earths Limited
  24. Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Limited
  25. IRCON International Limited
  26. KIOCL Limited
  27. Mazagaon Dock Limited
  28. Mahanadi Coalfields Limited
  29. Manganese Ore (India) Limited
  30. Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemical Limited
  31. Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited
  32. MMTC Limited
  33. MSTC Limited
  34. National Fertilizers Limited
  35. National Seeds Corporation Limited
  36. NHPC Limited
  37. Northern Coalfields Limited
  38. North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited
  39. Numaligarh Refinery Limited
  40. ONGC Videsh Limited
  41. Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited
  42. Projects & Development India Limited
  43. Railtel Corporation of India
  44. Rail Vikas Nigam Limited
  45. Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited
  46. RITES Limited
  47. SJVN Limited
  48. Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited
  49. South Eastern Coalfields Limited
  50. State Trading Corporation of India Limited
  51. Telecommunications Consultants India Limited
  52. THDC India Limited
  53. Western Coalfields Limited
  54. WAPCOS Limited

List of Miniratna-II

  1. Bharat Pumps & Compressors Limited
  2. Broadcast Engineering Consultants (I) Limited
  3. Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited
  4. Central Railside Warehouse Company Limited
  5. Ed.CIL (India) Limited
  6. Engineering Projects (India) Limited
  7. FCI Aravali Gypsum & Minerals India Limited
  8. Ferro Scrap Nigam Limited
  9. HMT (International) Limited
  10. HSCC (India) Limited
  11. India Trade Promotion Organisation
  12. Indian Medicines & Pharmaceuticals Corporation Limited
  13. M E C O N Limited
  14. Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited
  15. National Film Development Corporation Limited
  16. National Small Industries Corporation Limited
  17. P E C Limited
  18. Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Limited

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ganga Ke Taat Par

I grew up in Small Kasbah of Bihar. I did spend lots of good time with grandpa which is “The Best” thing I have received at this place. Those days are my lessons of attachment and humanities. My Dadaji spent his last days in feeding birds, keeping waters in a rock pot for their bath and scolding me and my siblings if there is no water in that rocky pot.
The greenery of growing wheat plant, orchard and the holy Ganga was the circumference of my childhood and I feel proud to be associated with this rural part of Bihar where I have spent my half of childhood with divinity.
Getting up early in the morning to pluck the flowers from others garden during Dasahra, eating kacha-aam (green-mango) during   mango season, playing cricket in hot summers were the part of amazing childhood.
Peace, pure air, farmers, small traders, mukhiya (the headman) and others are the feature of the place I was born.
Leanings from My School Principal, Slap from History Teacher as partiality became my thought process in latter part of my life.
For better education I was sent to a Patna. (However I didn’t do anything better) .Parents shifted to Deoghar where papa was in active business.
After my primary and secondary education I wrote IIT Exam, and failure in IIT exam launched me in Karnataka to pursue my so called engineering.
I enrolled at the Visvesvaraya Technological University in 2007 for my undergraduate in Computer Science & Engineering.
Engineering Taught me a lots of things in life. Transformation of a boy to a man has taken place on those four years .A shy boy to aggressive hostel representative who became talking point for some point of time in college.
Challenging seniors for paper presentation and winning the same was my way to make place at director’s desk.
Ethics in life got a special place in my life during these days.
Small but very selective juniors gave me the small push in heights of life. Life during engineering days guided me to adopt certain values.
Adaptation and latter liking South Indian food is an awesome experience of my engineering days, I would quote a line from a south Indian friend “itna shamhar tu khata hai ki mujhe sharm lagta hai ki mai south indian hun ya tum (you eat so much Sāmbhar that I doubt my south indian-lity )” Taking out all the green vegetable from Sāmbhar was my way of getting healthy food.
Eating south Indian foods at friend’s place, learning and talking to them in Kannada , make them to think positive about the Aryans that they will not destroy the culture of Dravidian used to be my debate points. I shared classroom table with south Indians friends for 3(out of 4) years of engineering. I don’t know why I made list of south Indian friends whereas north Indian classmates were on some distance from heart. However I was very much connected to my juniors.
I had a good rapport with them and they use to be very personal while sharing their background and asking for guidance.
Searching for a good girl to fall in love with is always an instinct of Engineers and I was not an exception.
Moving from Bellary (college location) to Bangalore for job was a new chapter of life.
Working with different people has given me more exposer and confidence.
Meeting Venketesh for ‘School for India’ vision gave me energy and motive to move always on right path of life.

Signing Off :

Saket Pandey

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Resources and Human beings

Hi Friends,
In our busy profession life we have completely forgotten our own life. when we don’t think about ourself how can we understand others.
In all aspect of business we deal with human beings which is most valuable resources we have on this planet. This resource has different attribute as happiness,purpose of life,family,love crush etc..
we never give any option to open-up these resources completely as a person in-turn  they never open for us and it leads us with a compromised resources.
ideally we should build a trust as a Corporate family and we should build in  such a way that we can be there for each other not professionally but personally as well.
Most of us stay away from native home and till we are only resources we will be always a compromised  family .
organisation  should move a step further to build a family i.e Corporate(wherever we work) family . If I take typical example of few Japanese organisation they have built a family.
IT is very new and  if we stay together can build many more industry . participation of resources should be actively organised . Let them know about decision we make and their view on it and reason for such view because we may be wrong at some place.
RBI governor was criticized for his paper “Has Financial Development Made the World Riskier” and firm like Lehman-Brothers has neglected him. But he was correct and we faced crisis .
lets make resources as human being and Corporate(wherever we work) as family we have a lot inside our heart and brain to for this family .
we should place a discussion with all employee who they are not performing well and we should ask them for degraded  performance and give a supportive hand and faith that we are there for each other , organisation is there for each one of us and in-turn we should also stand for organisation. This can play a bigger role to  build Corporate(wherever we work) family

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mgt Optionals R&D

Books on Management as Optional subject for IAS Exam are as Follows:
Paper I
  1. Organizational Design: Khandwala; Madhukar Shukla (both)
  2. Organizational Behaviour: Luthans and Robbins- for some portions Blanchart is also good.
  3. Strategic Cost Management: Business Today supplements
  4. Economics: Any good economics book
  5. Management: Terry and Franklin; Koontz and Donnel ; Koontz and weihrich (any one)
  6. Strategic Management: Michael Porter
Paper II
  1. Marketing: Kotler and any one Indian author book(Saxena/Ramaswami etc.)
  2. Financial: Pandey/Chandra/Khan & Jain/Bearley - Any two
  3. Information Technology: Any good book which gives holistic view covering all the topics along with Internet based notes.
  4. International: Business Media and Government Rules on export procedures, transfer pricing etc.
  5. Operations: Adams/Taha
  6. HRD: Mammoria/Monappa/Prasad/Flippo - Any two.

Question Papers - Topical Analysis
Management Paper Trend (2009-2013)
·         Paper I
o    Section A
§  Managerial Function and Process - 80M
§  Organisational Behaviour and Design - 90M
§  Human Resource Management - 30M
§  Accounting for Managers - 30M
o    Section B
§  Financial Management - 120M
§  Marketing Management - 120M
·         Paper II
o    Section A
§  Quantitative Techniques in Decision Making - 60M
§  Production and Operations Management - 90M
§  Management Information System - 10M
§  Government Business Interface - 60M
§  Strategic Management - 20M
o    Section B
§  Management Information System - 90M
§  Strategic Management - 70M
§  Government Business Interface - 30M
§  International Business - 50M

Monday, December 30, 2013

Important Books and Journals for UPSC Preparation

1. Newspaper The Hindu/ ET/IE/NBT/DJ etc the best material to get questions.
2. Certificate Physical and human geography by Gochen Leong ( v.v.imp)
3. Indian Geography by Khullar ( Best Standard Refrence Book )
4. Orient Blackswan Atlas ( Must have one)
5. NCERT Geography XI/XII( imp but optional can download too)
6. History of Modern India by Spectrum ( Must read 2-3 times)
7. Indian struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra  source)( Must Must ..)
8. Indian Since Independence by Bipin Chandra( Important no doubt)
9. India After Gandhi by Guha ( Imp but Optional )
10. Contemporary World History old NCERT ( Must Read once)
11. World history by Jain & Mathur ( Must only Source)
12. Anciect/ Medivial / Modern Indian History old NCERT ( Must read once atleast)
13. Indian Constituion at work NCERT ( v. Imp)
14. Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant ( V. Imp)
15. Indian Constitution by Subhash Kashyap ( good but only basic)
16. Indian Parliament by S. Kashyap ( v.good but I never Read it )
17. Indian Polity Class notes by Vajiram Ram..
18. Economic NCERT (XI/XII) ( Read once must )
19. Economy Class notes of Vajiram & Ravi or Sriram coaching
20. Indian Art and Culture class notes by Nitin Singhnia Rank 51 ( V.good)
21. CSAT Aptitude Mock Test Papers by Career Launcher ( If u r week in CSAT)
22. Environment Shankar IAS Acdemy ( Have to read Properly once)
23. Science & Tech ( newspaper/magzine only )
24. Ethics material by Pragati IAS ( v.v. good)
25. 2nd ARC Report ( optionla can download also)
26. Indian Polity of SriRam Coaching (v.v.v.v.v imp )
27. Public Administration by R. Aribam (IAS) ( V. Good concise booklet)
28. Public Administration Synergy Class Notes ( Best )
29. Geography Nitu Singh Class Notes ( Best)

1. G.C. Leong Must Read Geography Book (G.S)
2. Indian Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra
3. Indian Since Independence by Bipin Chandra
4. Savindra Singh for Geography (G.S)
5. Indian geography by Khullar
6. World History by Jain & Mathur
7. NCERT ( 11 and 12th) for Geography/Economy/Polity ( better if u download it)
8. Ethics Material of Any Standard Coaching booklet ( one Coaching is more then enuf)
9. Indian Art & Culture ( Any Standard Coaching Booklet)
10. Indian Polity by m. Laxmikant
11. SriRam Coaching Material for Polity ( Must )
12. CSAT Paper II any Standard Coaching Material (more then sufficient)
13. For Remaining Topic News paper+ Internet is must 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Indian Polity By Lakshmikant Imp Q's chapter 1and 2 Q's

 Lakshmikant chapter 1 Q's

1>Act of settlement ??
2>what was the meaning of "System of double government " under Pitt's India  Act.??
3>which act was final step towards centralization of British India??
4>Macaulay committee??
5>which act is known as "Act for good governance of India"?
6>First Indian to join viceroys executive council?
7>Montagu-Chelmsford Reform??
8>Who was British Prime minister during India's Independence  ??

                                     Lakshmikant chapter 2 Q's

1> What was  "August Offer".(hint 1940)
ans:demand of framing of constitution of India

2>Who was stafford Cripps?
ans:member of british cabinet
3>What do you mean by Adult Franchise?
ans: when people of country choses the assembly member through vote
4>When was the first constituent Assembly was formed?
ans: nov 1946
5>who was the First president on constituent Assembly(Temporary)?
ans: sacchinad sinha
6>who was the president and vice-president of First constituent assembly?
ans: rajendra babu and MC mukherjii
7>what was objective resolution?
India as independent sovereign state and can draw own constitution
-British territory will become Indian territory and out side territory
             can   join Indian territory
-boundaries modification  of states according to constitution
-fundamental rights
-Safeguard to SC And  ST
-integrity of territory.
-place of welfare 
8>Indian Independent Act and Feature??
Ans: sovereign constitution to alter of delete any Law made buy british.
-two separate function of Assembly till Jan 26 1949 i.e assembly   for framing
  the constitution(chaired by rajendra babu) and assembly for enacting the Law(chaired bu GV mavalankar)
-changes in number of assembly seats because of division .  
9> committee of constituent Assembly ?
Major Committee
>    Union Power cmt
 Union Constitution cmt
 Provincial constitution  cmt
 Drafting cmt
>   Advisory cmt
   Fundamental ri8 subcommitte
  minority subcommittee 
Rules and procedure cmt
 states cmt
 Steering cmt 

Minor Committee
>   Fuctions of constituent assembly Committee
>   order of business Committee
>   house Committee
>  ad-hoc Committee
>  examine the draft constitution  Committee   
>  credentail Committee
>  Committee for hindi
>  Committee for   urdu
>  financial Committee
>  press gallary    Committee
>Drafting Committee 

10>Modern Manu?FirstLawminister of india??

End Of Chap 1 And 2