Monday, December 30, 2013

Important Books and Journals for UPSC Preparation

1. Newspaper The Hindu/ ET/IE/NBT/DJ etc the best material to get questions.
2. Certificate Physical and human geography by Gochen Leong ( v.v.imp)
3. Indian Geography by Khullar ( Best Standard Refrence Book )
4. Orient Blackswan Atlas ( Must have one)
5. NCERT Geography XI/XII( imp but optional can download too)
6. History of Modern India by Spectrum ( Must read 2-3 times)
7. Indian struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra  source)( Must Must ..)
8. Indian Since Independence by Bipin Chandra( Important no doubt)
9. India After Gandhi by Guha ( Imp but Optional )
10. Contemporary World History old NCERT ( Must Read once)
11. World history by Jain & Mathur ( Must only Source)
12. Anciect/ Medivial / Modern Indian History old NCERT ( Must read once atleast)
13. Indian Constituion at work NCERT ( v. Imp)
14. Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant ( V. Imp)
15. Indian Constitution by Subhash Kashyap ( good but only basic)
16. Indian Parliament by S. Kashyap ( v.good but I never Read it )
17. Indian Polity Class notes by Vajiram Ram..
18. Economic NCERT (XI/XII) ( Read once must )
19. Economy Class notes of Vajiram & Ravi or Sriram coaching
20. Indian Art and Culture class notes by Nitin Singhnia Rank 51 ( V.good)
21. CSAT Aptitude Mock Test Papers by Career Launcher ( If u r week in CSAT)
22. Environment Shankar IAS Acdemy ( Have to read Properly once)
23. Science & Tech ( newspaper/magzine only )
24. Ethics material by Pragati IAS ( v.v. good)
25. 2nd ARC Report ( optionla can download also)
26. Indian Polity of SriRam Coaching (v.v.v.v.v imp )
27. Public Administration by R. Aribam (IAS) ( V. Good concise booklet)
28. Public Administration Synergy Class Notes ( Best )
29. Geography Nitu Singh Class Notes ( Best)

1. G.C. Leong Must Read Geography Book (G.S)
2. Indian Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra
3. Indian Since Independence by Bipin Chandra
4. Savindra Singh for Geography (G.S)
5. Indian geography by Khullar
6. World History by Jain & Mathur
7. NCERT ( 11 and 12th) for Geography/Economy/Polity ( better if u download it)
8. Ethics Material of Any Standard Coaching booklet ( one Coaching is more then enuf)
9. Indian Art & Culture ( Any Standard Coaching Booklet)
10. Indian Polity by m. Laxmikant
11. SriRam Coaching Material for Polity ( Must )
12. CSAT Paper II any Standard Coaching Material (more then sufficient)
13. For Remaining Topic News paper+ Internet is must 

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